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The Berlin-Brandenburg region with its capital Potsdam is one of the most powerful media and IT regions in Germany. More than 300 movies are made here every year, amongst them international co-productions as well as numerous German movies and tv series. Thus the region counts among Germany’s most important tv and movie sites.
Looking at Potsdam’s role in the national media landscape it is inevitable to incorporate the capital Berlin. From there more than a thousand journalists report daily to the world. At the same time Berlin is also a centre for media events: the Berlinale, the German and European Film Prize, the Golden Camera and the Echo Award take place here every year and extend their glamour to Potsdam.
Potsdam-Babelsberg’s formula for success was and is its creative potential which feeds from three sources: the socio-cultural context of the European dimension, the interrelationship of professional art and economic action as well as the innumerable possibilities resulting from the symbiosis of education and training, science and infotainment.
All requirements relevant to film, broadcasting and tv can be found in the immediate vicinity. As a place for sophisticated entertainment around the medium of film it offers everything from the feature film, soap and documentary productions of the film-studios, via research, training, promotion of new talent and international exchange at the onrad Wolf Academy for Film and TV, the national Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting Station, the German Broadcasting Archive right through to the Filmpark Babelsberg.

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