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"The Journalist of the Future"

Which role will journalists play in the future?
What is necessary for the training of European journalists?

21 - 25 August 2008, Potsdam

In the fourth year of its existence the M100 Media Workshop appeals again to young journalists and editors from all over Europe.
Whilst in the first year the topic was “Europe and the European process of integration”, in 2006 the Colloquium addressed mainly the developments and changes involving Web 2.0.
The M100 Youth Media Workshop in 2007 focused on the “Dialogue between Cultures” and the participants engaged in discussions about ethnic and moral guidelines in Europe, freedom of the press after the Danish cartoon controversy, religion and globalisation.

This year the workshop will focus on the training of journalists in Europe, their future role and the challenges vis-à-vis the internet, blogs and mobile phone reporting. In co-operation with German media experts various questions will be raised to examine the chances and challenges for young journalists: How does one become a journalist in the various countries? Which standing does the journalistic profession have in the different countries? Is there a standardised training? What part does the freedom of the press play? Who owns the media? Which role have internet and blogs? Are there differences in the notions of democracy and what impact does this have on the work of journalists?

Applications are welcome from young journalists between 18 and 26 from the whole of Europe. Please submit a brief text (max. 3 pages) or a video (max. 3 mins.). Topic: What does it mean to be a journalist in my country (Read more ...).

Dagmar Reim

„Committed, curious, open-minded - these are the characteristics displayed by young journalists everywhere, but especially in those European countries that still count amongst the young democracies. Journalists who are at the beginning of their careers in particular could and want to learn from each other. This exchange is fruitful for both sides because it generates mutual understanding - maybe even friendship. To promote the dialogue between East and West and between cultures is also a great concern of the rbb. This is why I support the M100 Youth Media Workshop.“

Dagmar Reim,
Director Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
and Patron of the M100 Youth Media Workshop