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“Dialogue between Cultures”

Friday, 31 August - Monday, 3 September 2007, Potsdam

In the third year of its existence the M100 Media Workshop was again aimed at young journalists and editors from the whole of Europe.

Whilst the Workshop in the first year focused on the topic of “Europe and the Process of European Unification“ in 2006 it dealt mainly with the developments and changes associated with Web 2.0. In 2007 the M100 Youth Media Workshop raised the issue of „Dialogue between the Cultures“. The 41 participants from 13 European countries as well as Israel and Palestine amongst other things discussed ethical and moral principles in Europe, freedom of the press after the Danish cartoons controversy, religious questions and globalisation.

The M100 Youth Media Workshop opened with a panel discussion on the topic of “What are the ethical guidelines for journalism in Europe?“ at the House of the Brandenburg-Prussian History. This part of the event was open to the public and was intended to offer interested parties, especially young people and students from the region, the opportunity to take part in M100.
Several workshops have taken place on 1st and 2nd September where young journalists have discussed given subjects and produced reports on them. Some of these texts were published online and in different media. Furthermore the visit of the offices of DW-World Arabia in Berlin was on the agenda.

In the context of the M100 Youth Media Workshop 2006 35 participants from five countries (Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany) conceived and developed the multimedia internet platform which is used actively and constantly updated. Thanks to this website the European youth media organisations are able to communicate easily and without delay with one another and make appointments, exchange texts and topics as well as promote young talent.

A representative of the M100 Media Workshop has demonstrate the results of their meetings within the framework of the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium.