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The M100 Sanssouci-Colloquium is accompanied by
a (mainly journalistic) advisory board. The members
meet periodically in Potsdam and plan and discuss
together the topics and participants of the M100
conferences. The advisory board acts also as jury
for the M100 media award.

Chairmen of the board are the British publisher
Lord Weidenfeld and Potsdam’s Lord Mayor,
Jann Jakobs. 

Further members are:

Jann Jakobs, Chairman
Lord Weidenfeld, co-chairman
Stefan Aust
Boris Biancheri
Dr. Hugo Bütler
Ulrich Deppendorf
Kai Diekmann
Dr. Mathias Döpfner
Prof. Ernst Elitz
Dr. Peter Frey
Dr. Alexander Gauland
Hans-Ulrich Jörges
Baroness Kennedy QC
Hans Werner Kilz
Roger Köppel
Christoph Lanz
Giovanni di Lorenzo
Dr. Klaus Rost
Dr. Rachel Salamander
Stephan Sattler
Dr. Frank Schirrmacher
S.D. Karl von Schwarzenberg
Louis Schweitzer
Andrea Seibel
Dr. Wolfram Weimer
  Jann Jakobs

Jann Jakobs, chairman
state capital Potsdam, Germany
Lord Mayor

born in 1953

1976 - 85
Social Work, Pedagogic, Sociology and Political
Studies in Hildesheim and Berlin
1979 - 1988
Social Worker in Berlin
1988 - 93
planning commissioner of the department of youth
and sports of the district authority in Berlin-Spandau
1993 - 1997
Chief officer of the Youth department in the state capital Potsdam
1997 - 1999
Assign for Social Affairs, Youth and Health in Potsdam
1999 till 2002 Mayor and Assign at the department of Social  Affairs, Youth, Health, Order and Environmental Protection in Potsdam
Since 2002
Lord Mayor the state capital Potsdam